Lounge area outside of transit station

This new lobby brought many great things with it, but it removed one big thing that brought GMTower members together- an area where people just simply hang out. In the old lobby this area was the fountain right outside of the train station, and I feel as if this could be a possible thing to do once the stand alone game comes around. I think a small little area with trees, grass, and a fountain (or something else, suggest something if you like!) right outside of the transit station would be great for bringing this back. Well, what do you all think?

There is plenty of room to socialize already…

And yet the only place I remember people socializing after the release of Lobby 2 was the Casino.
That may have been because the most social people always hung out there, or maybe the OP has a point.
There really isn’t much in the way of greens in Lobby 2 in the public spaces.
I feel like a garden area would liven up the place.

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There may be plenty of room, but that isn’t quite what I am getting at. There isn’t a ‘homely’ or sociable area in lobby 2 similar to the old fountain area. The casino sort of serves as this purpose, and perhaps the arcade will once it comes out, but I think there should still be a main area right at the exit of the station.

What if there was a platform in the sky where you could socialize :smile: I could definitely see myself and others going there.

An area made purely for socialization seems intimidating and forced, I think if they make a nice world with a variety of areas people will naturally pick places that are “social hotspots”. But I certainly agree with the idea of a garden/more greens, nature is beautiful!

Yeah I do see what you are saying. I was thinking more of just plopping down a cozy garden or something to make the area a popular one. Never announce it as a new social area, it just gets announced as a new garden outside the transit station. It is pretty much assured to be a popular area.

This is as opposed to the current situation- the exit to the transit station has a couple benches and that’s it. A garden or something would make it a more welcoming area to sit around and chill.

Agreed! Long live the garden! :smile:

Instead of just a random platform, think of something like a hot air balloon