So my friend bought the underwater condo thanks to a great sales pitch by Jeff and of course, the first thing we did was search everywhere for any hidden secrets. Now to our surprise, we found two references to the fantastic show LOST! (Now this is by far my favorite TV show so if you haven’t seen it you need to drop whatever you are doing and watch it!)

Anyway here are some pictures of the references that we found.

This first picture is of "the Hatch"

And this next picture is of "the fence"

Now I would appreciate if one of the devs would confirm my discovery because I am 100% certain this is a reference to the show. The proof is just too clear so there is 0% chance that I am wrong about this.

Anyway I hope yall enjoy this amazing discovery.



Be prepared to be disappointed at not everything getting explicit explanation at the end though. But I’m not gonna tell you what you can’t do, brotha.


The hatch was known about for a while, but it seems like you’re one of the first people to notice the fence: