Lost Backer Status?

I used to have Backer status on GMod Tower and I had it for awhile in Tower Unite until it swapped over to being Indiegogo based, and I noticed the Backer tag from my name was gone. I still have the old backer items such as the plates and the model of the old tower, and I can show them if I need them. Unfortunately, I don’t think I have access to the email that I used to pay in to be a backer, which I can give to whoever responds to this to help in private - rather not put my email out in public like that, opsec and all that. I just want my Backer status back and any of the other items that were supposed to be given to me as a legacy backer. Please and thank you.

You might be confused with donator which is something else (otherwise see if you can spot your name on one of the golden signs inside the tower)


The Backer tag is only given to people who backed the Indiegogo campaign. Sounds like you were a donor for Gmod Tower. There’s no tag for that, just some items.

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