Lost all my achievements, milestones, medals and statistics

Hello there ! :slight_smile:

It’s been a year since I’ve played Tower Unite, I’ve sinked 200 hours into the game, I had my plaza milestones almost fully maxed with other games like Zombie Massacre fully completed.

I’ve just connected right now and I’m really confused, everything is gone except my units and my inventory items, I still have the golden jetpack and others milestones items but all my medals, milestones, achievements and statistics are gone.

Is is possible for you to restore these datas ? Do you store them somewhere ?

Here is my steamid : 76561198005493319

I’ve sended a similar message by email to the team, I’m sorry for the spam this is not intended. I totally forgot there was this forum

Thank you for this lovely game.


try again to login now

Still have everything at zero except the new progress I make by playing the game, it’s like I bought the game on a new account. Very annoying I really don’t want to start over ^^.

Thank you anyway for your answer.

I will wait for Macdguy or another dev for what they have to say and what can be done about this. I really don’t know if I can continue to play and keep the progress if there is an eventual backup.

We can restore your account. I’ll let you know when it’s been done.

Thank you Macdguy, really appreciated. If you need any information let me know.

I’ve gone through and restored the correct amount of EXP that match the milestone items that you have on your account.

Thank you :slight_smile: Is there anything you can do about the achievements or they are lost completely ?

Your missing game achievements? Like Steam Achievements?

Yes, both steam achievements and ingame achievement are gone, I guess they are tied.

Do you store game statistics somewhere ? Leaberboards may help maybe ? I don’t know, I just don’t understand how this happened on my account.

I’ve never heard of this happening in any steam game. I’m curious about what would cause this.

Just had this same issue happen to my account today. Looks like achievements are still there, same as units and inventory but all my xp except for the plaza went back down to zero. Hopefully a solution is figured out as to what is happening.