Losing items after purchasing them

I just bought 2 wine glasses and 2 modern couches around 3:00 PM PST today, a total of about 2500 units. I spent the units but the items never showed up in my inventory.

Is this a known bug where you do not receive items after purchasing them?

I have also had this bug. I bought A wall mountable TV, some couch pieces, a short table, a neon bar and a bru-ray player. I can see them on the inventory in the main menu but not in game.

Maybe scroll down in your inventory?


Well now I feel really dumb. :frowning:




Trust me, I checked. If it doesn’t show up in my steam inventory, it won’t show up in-game.

The main reason I reported this is to stop any possible future problems that would involve larger purchases either from me or other users.