Looking for people to play with!

Hello! :slight_smile: Im Rivey and Im looking for some friends who help me to get some achivements…

  • Its a Party! (Stay in the plaza with 4 friends for 15 minutes)
  • Get Together (Stay in Theater with 2 friends for 30 minutes)
  • Movie Night (Stay in Theater with 4 friends for 10 minutes)
  • Party Animal (Have 4 player in your condo for an hour total)

And maybe just keep playing together after that, help each other with completing our collection book together, I have like 160 hour in the game and I been pretty lonely so far, I even got the game for some friends but eh, they get bored of the “minigame” experience and no one wants to play with me for long.


As long as you don’t mind me not voice chatting (i have horrific social anxiety), I’ll play with you. Send me a friend request. Steam name is the same as my forum name.

I might be up for this if the timezone differences aren’t too bad, here’s my steam

I am also looking for people who can perform these feats with me.