Looking for friends

as the post says, i am looking for more Tower Unite players to be friends with, and maybe even use skype. (you don’t have to use skype though, that’s optional.) but uh yeah, my steam username is the same as my forum username, so feel free to add me! oh and here is my Steam Page ID: http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198070751352/

yay new friend

Why not?

Hit me up on Steam. I’m often good for a chat.

alright! thanks guys! keep em comin! :smiley:

there ya go. please note that my time zone is CET.

Added :wink:

I’m a little concerned by your friends list size, @MrDerpHerpin. I hope this thread isn’t just a drive to make the counter rise.

That aside, you could add me if you think we’d talk at least every now and then. I don’t like being just a number on someone’s list.


no, that isn’t just a number don’t worry. sure! ill add you!

i just haven’t done cleaning on my list in like a year, i get FR’s alot and i am a very lazy person.

i like steam’s nickname feature a lot. it helps me keep track of all the rl guys who change their name every month.

btw thanks for reminding me about that, cleaning my list right now!

Don’t worry, he’s a nice guy. We played some BR and minigolf together.