Look at what i found

I just went into the lobby servers and look at what i found

Wait. you dont see it? Let me circle it.

Wait. you still dont see it? Ok, ill zoom it in for you.

No big deal. i just wanted to show you it,

EDIT: i do not have linux.


Uh… yeah… This happens a lot, dev servers go up for testing.

Yup, that’s my test server, that’s running on a dedicated Linux server.


That’s been there since the early stages of the alpha, even before caboose was working on the game.

I think what he was trying to say that it must be for Linux Clients? It’s just the server that is running on Linux, the actual game has issues if you try to run the game on linux, as Caboose has shown recently

It’s not. It’s an indicator that the server is running on the Linux Operating System. We provide two dedicated servers, one for Windows and one for Linux. Clients on any operating system can join servers on any operating system.

Yeah, I know it’s not. I just said that he must have thought that.

I like the messed up graphics on Linux. I wonder what the plaza will look like