Longer, more detailed arcade games VS. Quicker games with less replayability

I’m not sure what the plan is development-wise, but I thought I’d put some thoughts out there.

This is more about the development about the upcoming arcade cabinets than anything but I personally would be fine with a longer wait if we got detailed arcade games (eg. with more fleshed out levels, powerups/enemies, endings, etc)

For instance, looking at the original Doodle Jump, it has a lot of replayability because the higher you go up, the more it changes how you play. It goes faster, enemies are added, the floors get sparser, more dangerous, and trampolines launch you increasingly higher into dangerous situations.

If anyone has/hasn’t played Thrillville, it’s basically a theme park sim, but you can play minigames on it. It’s a part of the experience and these are fleshed out in a pretty interesting way.

(Here’s an example minigame. I always liked the visual style of this one, it’s a relatively simple game but it still manages to be fresh. This is just one style, but the background had additional color variants/layouts.)

Basically, anything to increase replayability I think is good. Whether that be changing the game up, adding challenges, difficulty, adding variation, etc. The original GMT arcade, while a little buggy on my end, had (legal gray area) full fledged games. It made it feel like an interesting, fleshed out part of the plaza.

I know how hard indie game development is, so obviously not anything too crazy, and we’re certainly not getting a Super Mario 63 or Fancy Pants Adventure level of detail, but – the little things could really make the arcade come to life, IMO.

With the Arcade API, players can create their own games and share them on Workshop for anyone to play in the arcade. People have already used it to create some fully fledged games such as a Mario Kart clone, or a 2D Minigolf game. I don’t think Pixeltail will need to worry much about creating their own games with levels and stuff since we’re getting that. Maybe if they have time, we can have a few premade ones as templates? I think that’d be more than enough :slight_smile:

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I LOVE SPARKLE ISLAND :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

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There’s definitely potential there. Maybe workshop cabinets can be set up in such a way that once people pick a game, it stays like that until someone changes it? Seeing a bunch of cabinets that say SUPER MARIO KART would be pretty funny

Galaxy Police is going to be a bullet hell, which will definitely be replayable

Galaxy Police is planned to be pretty large compared to the other games.

I’ll be posting a thread today or tomorrow detailing each game and our plans.