Long time player, but new to the forums.


I’ve been playing for a long time (since Lobby One of GMT, in fact), but somehow it’s taken me until now to make an account here. Huh. In any case, hello, I’m “new” here! Most of my 700+ hours in GMod were spent in GMT, and I recently surpassed 100+ hours in TU (and hope to add much more to it in the future). This is one of my go-to “chill” games, since I’m not always a fan of competitive-type games; there’s almost always something to do here.


Glad to have you here Raggle! Half my playtime in Gmod also came from GMTower alone and I’m still a huge fan. Hope to see you around the forums or maybe even in-game! :blush:


Welcome to the forums!
Enjoy your stay!


Welcome RaggleFraggle, we have cake :cake: and tropical drinks :tropical_drink:

enjoy your stay!



Welcome aboard. Always fun to see old GMT veterans coming back around :smile:


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