Logan Bray, Zombie Killer/Virus Crusher/Minigolf Expert

Hello! My name is Logan Bray, I joined GMTower not to long ago. (July 14th)

I love to customize my condo and am avid when it comes to Virus, Zombie survival, and Minigolf.
I am deeply saddened since GMTower will be removed. But I plan on getting Towers unite immediately and getting my things back.

Hopefully It’ll have zombie survival. >:sunglasses:

Welcome to the Pixeltail Community Forums.

Zombie Massacre will make its return in Tower Unite!


Greetings Traveller


Welcome to the PixelTail forums @Logan_Bray. Pull up a chair around the campfire and enjoy your stay. :smile:

Did you just Inn Keeper him?

Welcome aboard! :ship: