Lockable rooms


So i think lockable rooms would be fine. Maybe you can use KeyCard Scanners like in some hotels.

Why do we need it?

Nobody wants to show private (fap) room with many custom “pictures” inside.


I think we can do that, yeah.


It would be neat if you could include Keypad locks, so you can try to guess the lock combination, along with normal locks that only owners can unlock.

but dude, with a keypad lock I would hide a bunch of images of numbers around my condo and then when the person figures it out, they get a room filled with pictures of stock photo actors eating fruit salad.


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Also, we have to hide our beer. Once, i invited 4 my friends and they… drank 70 bottles…

There is also an idea about hidden doors which is very similar to this one. I want this to happen.

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But it is a little bit weird. Every condo looks same? I mean, walls in the same places. I know that we can build more walls, but it will look suspicious if there is no way to enter