Lock for walls, floors and ceilings!

You know when you have a large project underway and you are loading lots of items those wall edit options come and pop-up at the worst of times.

Can you enable a function like the one for objects where we could LOCK the walls, floors… once we are done editing them. This would make our lives much simpler especially with detailed constructions.

Thanks ^-^

As far as I know this already exists in game. Can’t connect to check, but I’m sure I saw that while editing recently

If you enable Advanced Edit Mode (hold Q, top of bottom inventory bar), there should be an option to disable wall editing.

Not really the best option, though, since having too many items prevents Advanced Edit Mode from being a viable option (right click to move camera is overridden by editing objects).

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I’m making changes to advanced edit mode that will fix the right click being blocked by items.

Locking surfaces seems good, though too.