Local Muting Effects

I had another idea which I want to share apon the community. Recently I have found out that you can mute a player locally yourself from their microphones so you don’t have to hear them. Why not also have the ability to mute them locally in text chat?

Sometimes you may see people on any game and not just TU that will create spam, hate messages, annoying messages and so on… or it can be for any other reasons. So to make sure that you don’t know what they are saying you can mute them in text chat too.

But that may not be enough? Maybe you hate/despise a player so much that you never want to see them on the face of the server anymore. So maybe also hiding the player locally to yourself allows you to walk through the server without seeing any sight of them.

To some people they may think “Well it’s a stupid idea!” Not gonna lie it is a little. But some people you just don’t want to see at all… next level avoiding without them even knowing your avoiding them.

We’re working on chat muting. It’s just a matter of making it easy to access in the menu somewhere.

I would suggest that when clicking on the players name on the player list and it pops up their username and options to mic mute. You could put the local chat mute button there if you want.

But also go into settings, graphics and then set the an invisible setting for how much you want to see the chat and therefore giving you the chance to be seen either fully, see-through and completely gone.

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