Lobby2 shutdown event

Just wondering if there will be some event akin to the Lobby1 shutdown.


yeah it will be cool to do a farewell before it goes, rather than all the servers just going down randomly and then lobby 2 is gone and its lobby 3


yeah I would be fine with just being told when it’s gonna happen so we know when to get in, nothing fancy.

unless something fancy does happen that can be added for a update


I’d love to see something done, but I’m definitely not expecting anything. Just being around people who are excited for the next update is enough for me.


did a gmt shutdown event also happen? i vaguely recall the transit trains being moved aboveground n stuff

Ya there were a boatload of people gathered in one server back when gmt shut down for good, pretty sure it was planned by the staff too.

It might be cool, but it’s not really necessary. If the devs have some fun stuff they can do on a whim, of course they can just do it, but I feel like a proper celebration would have required planning earlier. Maybe they did plan on having a celebration without saying anything, but I’d personally be fine if it just suddenly swapped from Lobby 2 to 3.

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