Lobby-Wide Events


I have no idea if this is already planned, but the short of it is to create specifically opt-in events that span the entirety of the lobby as opposed to a designated event area.

I’d imagine it works like this: the event is announced like normal, but a notification pops up (like gameworld queue notifications) that players can click to opt into. As soon as they accept, they are put under the event limitations (and maybe respawned if they’re in an event-restricted zone; even if it’s lobby wide, we shouldn’t bother Casino players). If the player ignores the notification, they won’t be bothered by the event at all. They can still opt-in later (probably via the Tab or Esc menus), if they wish.

In particular, I had one event in mind that only works in a large, open environment like the lobby: sniper duels. In this event, all participating players are given a bolt action sniper rifle that kills in one hit. Duck between buildings and makeshift cover as you try to off your enemies before they can nail a shot on you. Find a good hiding spot or keep on the move. I’d say all items are allowed, so you can certainly use your jetpack for mobility. Just be wary that the bright trail and loud noise doesn’t make you an obvious target.

Any thoughts? Feel free to drop a vote in the anonymous polls below as well as leave a forum topic vote if you like the lobby-wide events idea in particular (not necessarily the specific example event).

What do you think of lobby-wide events?

  • These open area events are practically needed!
  • Events on such a scale seem interesting, and I’d like to see them.
  • I’m a bit neutral on this idea.
  • Including these kinds of events doesn’t seem like the best idea.
  • Open events like these would be disastrous!

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What do you think of a “sniper duel” style event?

  • Sniping my friends is a must!
  • I’d enjoy this kind of event.
  • I don’t really care if this were to be added or not.
  • I’d rather not have an event like this.
  • Sniper duels would certainly be a waste of dev time!

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Well, with the Winter Events, I am working on adding support for external arenas for minigames. You’d just hop into the teleporter to start in. I could add support to show a notification that will automatically put you into the arena even if you aren’t near the teleporter.