Lobby silver bricks

As my wonderful significant other @LilChimeraRose pointed out, It would be really cool and understandably rejected if all of the people that donated under the golden brick range from the indegogo could possibly get a silver brick in the lobby now if was for like $15 up or something like that would be understandable for the shear amount of donors but hay thanks for reading and have a nice day. :slight_smile:


we dont need 223 more bricks


Is it needed? not really but why i made this post is to show that there is a community after the separation that happened when GMT was moved to unite and to be honest i don’t know many people who actually click credits buttons so that’s why i make this. I already have a gold brick so i don’t even benefit from this i would just like to see more engraved names on the floor but thats just me.

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The only reason i pointed it out is because, sure some couldn’t give much, but they did give what they could, I also said though, that I can understand that they wouldn’t want to do it because putting that many names would be a lot of work. Thank you for reading.

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If you want this just to have your name in the plaza, it isn’t necessary. All backers will get their names in a physical backer plaque in the plaza as well as in the credits.


the plaques need to be pretty small to fit

i know, it was just a thought, honestly, if it were to happen, i’d gladly not have one for everyone else to have one. I don’t care about having one myself.