Lobby Quests

Lobby Quests, the next step achievements

I got the idea of lobby quests from the game Plants VS Zombies Garden Warfare. Lobby quests would have stories that chain link to other quests. Sometimes you might find a small, quick and easy quest. For example, some guy standing beside trivia who has his kid’s birthday coming up, he needs a toy. In the top right it will say all of the achievements that were enabled, if you log off and on again the quest will still be there. You head over to the toy store and buy a dinosaur, the quest checks off and a new one is added, “Give Jeff the toy.” You bring him the toy and he gives you money, also you complete a achievement. There will also be big achievements. For example someone loses there keys in the ocean so you go fishing but you only find a box. You bring a box to the guy and he says my keys are in there, I dropped another key on the rollercoaster look there. You find a note that says “I took your keys come visit my condo, my name is harold” You go to the condos and see Harold’s Condo you go in and get the key. You bring it back to the man and he gets his keys out. You earn money and an achievement. There would me many quests and some would appear and change randomly.

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Would be neat.

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I dont think quests should be as in depth as you described if they are in the game at all. Rather, I think they could work some similar ideas in with lobby events. Instead of searching for some guy’s keys in like 3 different areas (which would be kinda tedious), why not just have scavenger hunts? I don’t really have an opinion on the “Buy the toy” quest though.


I see what your saying. Maybe the quests could be more like a mix with the mysterious cat and a scavenger hunt type thing

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I suggested this once. Like…

These are achievements, not quests.

Daily Quests. Everyday when you open the game you see some of that. Like trivia and you can win 500 units per mission

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Ok yeah I see what you mean, thought it was a 1 time thing.

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Right before we ended Lobby 2 to start working on Tower Unite, we developed a couple Lobby activities that sadly didn’t make it in time. The first activity was quests. Our quests ranged from simple singleplayer quests, to multiplayer quests. It was pretty far along, in fact, we had the entire system working with UI. The second activity was foot races. With foot races, every now and then a green ring would spawn and the moment you walked into it, a timer started and another ring spawned nearby (and so on). The goal was to race others best times to gain GMC or a prize. These activities were created to get players roaming around the large Plaza more.

I still believe they could apply to Tower Unite one day.


Wow, great idea.

HYPE! :smiley:

Even if they end up being usable in condos only, this would be a great feature for the RC vehicles.

Nah, I don’t think this would fit TU’s style.

wtf? what IS tu’s style. seriously
You have a neon utopia holiday resort with teleporters inside a large apartment building taking you to different islands or areas entirely, along side a large circular area with teleporters taking you to other games where you play as Knights, Dragons, Cats, Dogs, Infected Humans and more wacky things to come, and even ignoring the wacky gamemodes you can play as a milk carton for god sakes


Yeah spookz is right… tu doesn’t have A style… that’s why there is a variety of gameworlds @exoRift

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