Lobby One Community Condo


How is that “messing with us”? A blockout is just the basic shape of things. The art pass is when they texture everything. Sure, they could release it now but it’d be nothing more than a bunch of primitive, untextured shapes? Would you be happy with that? I know I sure wouldn’t. She’s not messing with us, she’s just not finished making it yet.


She wants to finish some other projects of hers first.


Execute Order 66




They announced on stream that it’s lobby1!


You better not be fucking with me. I didn’t watch the stream. Are you actually serious?


Yep, it’s what it’s actually is. Should be around the end of the stream, before the Q&A, but the stream’s not over yet.


Holy fucking shit, that’s amazing.


But how many sea dollars does it cost?


Nobody knows yet.


I think like… 1.000.000 Units


It’s probably going to be way more than that. The underwater condo is already 400K, and this lobby condo, is like, literally 4-5 times bigger than the under water condo.


[ul][li]Card was renamed from "“Project 39"” to “Lobby One Community Condo”.[/li][/ul]


I was right from the beginning.


So that’s what Project 39 was. :stuck_out_tongue:


Can we please kill the Project 39 meme now?


I wonder what project 42 is :wink:



Proooject siiixty niiine.


Woh mama