Lobby One Community Condo


Oh jaebus kristo it’s coming!!




Johanna how are you doin this, are you rushing this in a day by day process?
I just don’t know if your doing it in a good way or just rushing it to get this over with.
Its hard to tell when your working on Project 39 privatley.


Toworrow she’ll say.


Who knows, time will tell


We don’t even know what it is. It could be something small that doesn’t require much time


Project 39 it’s the whole new BATHROOM


Press E to poop. That’s all




It’s going to turn out to be some janitor closet somewhere. No big thing. Just a red herring.


The mystery is about to be solved.




You have got to be kidding me…


I hope this is worth it, the thing is taking so long


Why are you guys surprised that there’s an art pass needed? The blockout is like the blueprint, not the final product. I honestly wouldn’t be surprised if there’s more steps after the art pass as well.


If I can add onto that thought, why are you guys getting so excited over something we don’t even know much about yet? Like sure, it’s new content for Tower, but can you be so sure you’re going to like it? You’re treating it like it’s going to be something groundbreaking.


To be fair, if it’s something worth hiding, it’s very likely it’s also bound to be quite interesting and worth our while. But that’s just my opinion.


inb4 project 39 is just 4 different basketball courts in the plaza


I love how @Johanna loves to mess with us with all the Project 39 art passes.


Did you expect her to release the blockouts and be done with project 39?