Lobby changes

Hey folks,

Me and a few mates have recently bought TU and are loving it, there are a few things we hope get added in the future but one thing that I would like to see asap or confirmed are some lobby changes, either all or some of the following:

  1. Return to an actual lobby after a game to play with the same people where you can change game mode or at least the level.

  2. Set up a play list so you can go from a game of golf straight into a game of Virus with the same people.

  3. Be in the Plaza (or at least Casino) whilst you wait for your game lobby to fill up.

Keep up the great work, looking forward to future updates.

it automatically has you join a lobby after each game ends


Yet to see this, the time we waited to return to lobby it just put us in the plaza so we stopped waiting and just backed to menu to save 5 minutes of loading.

lobby as in the plaza

The Plaza is not a lobby, at least in it’s current state it’s not, it takes far too long to join and everyone after a game of Golf (for example) quits before the plaza loads due too how long it takes.

We need an ACTUAL lobby system, like the ready up screen when you first join, or something similar where we can change maps, game mode and eventually settings.