Lobby and condo friend icon

If a friend is in a lobby it should have a little friend icon next to the lobby name. The same with the condo.

that would be nice

And maybe if you click it, it says what friends are there…?


Introducing the uStalk, only available in select Tower Mobile devices.
With uStalk, you can track your friend’s every activity. From the places they visit to the steps they take that day, you can monitor your friends every activites with this revolutionary app! Not only can you stalk them, but there is an additional bonus option if you pay an extra $2.99 that allows you to automatically send texts to your friends when they reach a certain goal, such as:
Nice job! You’ve taken 15,000 steps today!
Now don’t go shoppin’ too much! Don’t wanna drain the 36 dollars in your wallet now do you?

You can even rate others performance and have it shared across the uStalk network!
We hope this revolutionary step in Social Media and Online Interactions brings light to an area of soceity currently masked with online predators and cyberbullies. And we thank you, the valuable customer, for supporting this project and it’s endeavors.

why did i take the time to type this out
also sorry this is a bit unrelated, i just saw Lorguk’s above post on saying what friends are where and i couldn’t resist


someone’s beat you to the suggestion :wink:

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45 votes on there :astonished: