Lobby 3


Arcade is really up to the programmers now, while some artists are busy on finishing up Lobby 3. Best to tackle it in the most efficient way possible.


Will Lobby 3 help considerably with loading times? Considering you guys are getting more and more experienced in Unreal development and it’s like a complete lobby redo


We’re hoping to improve it at least with what we learnt, but Unreal can be rather heavy to load regardless. You won’t be seeing 10 second load times on a HDD suddenly, thats just unrealistic.


Oh yeah definitely not, but very cool to hear regardless


Im calling it right now on 12/23/18. Lobby 3 will be coming April 8 or 9, 2019.


I’m betting Lobby 3 will be either of the third of February/second of March, or the 3rd/23rd of some month.


Will there be a video for the new lobby?


There already is one.


I mean like a full walk around the plaza type of video.
Something like this :


Hell, Id like just a remake of this video. Its been a long time.


Are we going to get any souvenir this time as well? GMT players were given plates which they could place in their condos.

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