Lobby 3 : Phase 3




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  • Lighthouse area update
  • Kalleira store update
  • Surf shop update
  • Fix lighting bake issue in Casino
  • DIY Store Art Pass
  • Furniture Store Art Pass
  • Estate Store Art Pass
  • Lazy river nightlighting
  • Jungle-side path lighting

Bug Fixes

  • Fix bug with the always day/always night/animated lighting setting that is causing the skylight to not toggle properly
  • Fix bug that causes jungle-side paths to not recognize the phys material and therefor play the wrong footstep sound
  • Fix palm trees appearing to "glow" at night
  • A new checklist named "Checklist" has been added to the card.

I think it’s great where The Stray is located but I would like it to feel a little bit more magical. It would be awesome if once you enter the lighthouse you see some kind of RPG-like tavern (when you look outside you see mountains, dragons, etc). It would make it feel more magical because right now it’s hidden but it does not reflect the craziness of what she is selling.


Perhaps there can be a room in the Lighthouse that’s bigger on the inside, you access it from the door at night and that’s when it shows up.



  • "Lazy river nightlighting" has been checked off on the "Checklist" checklist.
  • A new checklist named "Bug Fixes" has been added to the card.
  • "Fix palm trees appearing to "glow" at night" has been checked off on the "Bug Fixes" checklist.

I know the list mentions a lighting fix for the casino. But with all these revamps going on I kinda REALLY wanna see the casino remade. It’s soo old it’s still based on the original GMT layout.

Some small nitpicks with the current one:

  • There’s still an awkward corner sticking out next to the entrance doors. This is actually from the nightclubs stair room back when the rooms were actually connected to the buildings. I’m surprised that corner is still there even after the rooms became independent.

  • In addition to the previous point. The entrance doors are offff ceeeenter.

  • The high stakes room still requires a jetpack to even reach. It’s so out of the way I wouldn’t be surprised if most people didn’t even know the room existed.

  • The back doors and counter serve no purpose, and don’t actually align with the current casino building anyway. (Back doors to a nice beach view outdoors area with slot machines and jacuzzis would be pretty rad.)

  • This isn’t the maps fault but there’s so many spots missing content, it makes the casino feel alot emptier than it actually is. Even the arcade “feels” finished even though there’s still alot to come.


Yeah, I’d honestly really love if the casino’s interior got an update. I always thought it looked a bit off (since lobby 3 came out at least) since the building itself is curved and then you walk in and it’s basically just a couple of giant rectangle-shaped rooms.

Plus, it’s probably due for an update at this point considering pretty much every other part of the plaza besides maybe laser tag and the bowling alley has been updated/remade since lobby 3 came out.