Lobby 1?

First! What is going to be the price of the lobby 1 condo? Is it going to be more or less than underwater because I heard on stream that the price is going to be reasonable and it should be an accomplishment to get but not an unfun grind for days? The thing I don’t understand is how you guys are avoiding grinds that become very boring yet the underwater condo is pretty much that for me!

Secondly, when is this coming out? It seems that it is getting there with development, however, I have heard from my friends that the condo won’t be out as soon as it’s complete and we will have to wait? Is this true?

  1. The price hasn’t been revealed yet.
  2. Release date is also unknown.

Oh! That’s quite sad. Well I hope the things will be revealed soon! Cannot wait!
Thanks anyway :slight_smile:

The price will definitely be less than 1 million.

As for the release date, I’m not sure yet. The condo is fairly close to completion. I’m focused on finishing Kingdom right now, which is getting close, and when I finish with that (not more than a couple more weeks) I’ll finish off Lobby One next. I would really like to get Kingdom out by the end of this month, and Lobby One out sometime next month. No Guarantees, so don’t quote me on this. But it’s my personal goal.

I’ve seen people wondering why sometimes it appears that I’m jumping around between content. The reason for that is additional content is secondary to main features. So when I need to work on something important pertaining to an upcoming large update (like ZM, or the achievement trophies), I always drop work on side-content updates. My ZM and achievement work is done for now, so I am full-steam ahead on getting Kingdom and Lobby One finished, I promise.


Are y’all still playing with the idea of waiting for Community Condos to release Lobby One or is it just planned to release when finished?


Haven’t entirely decided yet.

Honestly, I am just really hyped and wanted answers. It is reasuring to know that it’ll be less than a million! Sorry if I seem a small bit impatient, I know how much work making things like maps are so I don’t mind it taking a couple months. All the content you are making looks terrific and if you hop between content, I don’t care if that works best. Hope the content turns out how you want it! :joy: