Lobby 1 Minigames

Because I think it would be cool to randomly have a chainsaw and slice other players for money, or whack Zak cutouts with crowbars (because Obama probably doesn’t want himself in this game), or fly around in a plane, or pop balloons, or throw snowballs.


These may come back and if they don’t officially I’m sure someone will make it on the workshop.

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Snowballs would be cool, Maybe near Christmas? (My Mac wasnt powerfull enough to play the rest back in Lobby 1 XD)

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This was planned, I believe. We’ll wait and see if they are.
I would really enjoy this, though.

@Caboose700 Are you able to provide some clarity to this real quick?

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There aren’t any plans that I know of at the moment, there is a bunch of other things that the team is working on actively and huge amounts of things planned. They may make a return in the future, but currently there aren’t any plans.