Loading Wishy Washy Waterfall as a second track in a session of TU with Post Processing Quality below ULTRA seems to always cause a game and driver crash

Despite the title, once that crash happens, it’ll start happening when I load into Wishy Washy Waterfall the first time, as well. But not always.
Occasionally it’ll crash at the Pixeltail Games splash screen after I do this first crash, but a second re-launch will work fine.

So far, I’ve tested everything (above Ocean Quality) on High except for PPQ, then everything on Ultra except PPQ, then Low with ULTRA PPQ, then lowering PPQ, etc.

My CPU and GPU are an Intel i5-6400 and a Radeon RX 480, with 8 GB of RAM, and I’m running on Windows 10 20H2.
I’m currently running a clean install of Radeon Software version 21.2.2, but I was having the same issue on 20.4.something.


My first read of this issue was highly flawed; what I thought to be a strange Workshop and game mode combo issue was actually map and setting specific, seemingly.
As such, I’ve updated the title and OP to reflect what I’m hoping is actually my issue.

One thing that I don’t have an idea about, though I forgot to note it, was that I was getting this driver crash on previewing my kart outside of Accelerate, but that seemed to stop happening.

My apologies for incorrectly reporting this issue.

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