Loading a lobby crashes the game if High Quality Shaders are enabled

I have always been able to max out the game and run it perfectly fine, but ever since update I could only make it to the main menu. Trying to load into a lobby would result in a “Fatal error!” with no further information, or a “LowLevelFatalError” attempting to build nav collection data. If I turn off High Quality Shaders, I can join lobbies perfectly fine again, then after I load into a lobby I can turn the option back on and it will work perfectly fine.
Again I’ve always been able to run with this option on prior to this patch and I apparently still can after I load into a lobby, but if it’s enabled while I’m loading it will crash 100% of the time. I don’t understand it and its only started happening in the recent patch.

Could you check if a crash log was made when you tried to join a plaza with said settings on? If there is then post it on say dropbox or google drive.

Should be able to find them here: C:\Users\Username\AppData\Local\Tower\Saved\Logs

Okay, today the game seems to work with the setting on. But I would still like to know what was going on when it was crashing, in case it starts up again.

Here’s the log: https://www.dropbox.com/sh/u6yvcmpzd373k7m/AACnOqI8DPr_0LV7cADjKdSIa?dl=0

Well the crash error says it needed a cooked package because it failed to build some “navigation” data for some fooliage in the game.
Seems to just be a one time error that just happens out of the blue from time to time.

I would try verifying your game data.