Load-in item

I just realized that we might want a spawn in item. What happens when you build an awesome structure off away from the platform in Smooth Dirt and people load in in the middle platform all the time? I’d rather them spawn at the front door, or right where I want them to spawn.

It should be placeable just like any furniture item.


+1, I love this idea.

If you have multiple spawns, would it just select one at random? Or can you only buy one of these items?

It’s a very cool idea.


I feel like one would be good as a spawn point. However a teleporter (alike the one in the lobby at the stores monorail location) would be cool too, for easy condo movement to multiple locations. People would probably make teleporting hubs in their homes.


I’d say you could buy and place multiple and the right-click customization menu for the item has a toggle for “active.” At most, one would be active at a time, and activating one would automatically deactivate the other active one (if another is active). Deactivating all items would make the default spawn point active.

Alternatively, you could do as Mac suggested, let multiple be active, and choose one of the active ones at random on spawn.


Why not both?
If there are more than one active, it would randomly choose, but with only one active, it would spawn there. None active uses the default spawn point.


I feel like teleporters could have the same effect, but they could be more flexible. Just throwing the thought out there :stuck_out_tongue:

Since this still doesn’t seem to be an option that I can find, I’d like to bring it back up for consideration.

Same, I am way too late into my condo design and did not take into consideration spawn points. Would be great if it could be moved.

Custom spawn points are planned, they’re listed in the upcoming items section of this spreadsheet: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/u/0/d/16w6pd6VOuY5ptfdyd4e5a1DHXejgzeBVEPaOL3kIVEg/htmlview#

In the meantime though, you can place a teleporter on top of the condo spawn point for a similar effect