Livestreaming the Closed Alpha?

I’m currently planning on livestreaming the Tower Unite Alpha here: to try and spread awareness of the IndieGoGo campaign, but I just want to know from the devs, whether they are OK with me doing this. I’ll probably be streaming with a friend who has also backed the game and has access to the alpha.

I also plan to have links on the stream that goes to the campaign as a way to try and spread awareness. The time of the stream will probably vary but I’m aiming to stream for a couple of hours at a time from around 8PM BST (this is around 12PM PST/3PM ET/9PM CEST) for the duration of the alpha.

If you won’t have access to the closed alpha, feel free to stop by and check out what the future of Tower looks like (provided the devs are ok with it of course :stuck_out_tongue:) :smile_cat:

Also, sorry if this is the wrong place to ask.


3PM PST? It is 2AM in Poland ._.

Anyway, hi James!

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ohai skyer!

8PM BST is actually 9PM in poland. I got the time zones wrong.

@macdguy I’d like to know about streaming as well, I’d definitely host a stream of my own should we be allowed to. If we can get it trending on Twitch, it could also bring in more players.

I’d stream, and get my friends to watch and stream aswell.


Hey everyone, I’d love to know about this as well! +1

Would be a great way to try and drive interest in the alpha and in the full game!

Hey xSkyer As it’s the summer I’m sure I’ll be able to stream too (I’m connected with JamesDaGames we both livestream on the flobname channel :slight_smile: ) Happy to work with you to get the right timing. Currently the time here is 13:14 or 14:14 in Poland so you are about +1 from us timezone wise :smiley:

Yep. There is 14:18 in Poland right now.

Timezones are shit. I will be able to make server for Tower Unite Pre-Alpha on July 21st