Little Crusaders Update (

We’ve got a radical update for you TUnight.


Major Changes

  • New Game World: Little Crusaders with 3 maps (Market, Amphitheatre, and Throne Room)
  • Migrated to Unreal 4.14: Lots of major engine changes and improvements
  • New main menu
  • New loading screens
  • Each Game World now has their own menus with their own music

New Condo Lobby

This Condo Lobby is significantly smaller than its predecessor, however it makes it easier to find Condos. Players can still access Condos not shown at the doors using the Condo Lady. It now also has a physical position at the top of the tower, and is accessible through either the Jetpack or the elevators.

New Tower Rooftop

This new area is above the new Condo Lobby, and includes the new bar Project 12, which sells similar items to the Nightclub store. It also includes several TV screens which act like theater screens.

Plaza Changes and Fixes

  • Added tons of LOD’s to the Plaza, which should improve performance somewhat.
  • Improved level streaming logic for Plaza, which should improve load times somewhat.
  • Added launchers (Platforms that launch the player from one place to another)
  • Tower -> Boardwalk (and Vice versa)
  • Tower -> Left Hand Side stores
  • Tower -> Right Hand Side stores
  • Night lights in Tower now turn on earlier at night, and turn off later in the morning to take into account mountains blocking out light during these times
  • Fixed issue where Fog blended badly with the ocean
  • Ocean water during sunset and sunrise is now a lot less green
  • Replaced the Casino elevators with a new method to avoid griefing

UI Changes

  • Server title for Game Worlds now shows on the every Game World scoreboard and waiting for players UI (so you can tell your friends where you at)
  • Map name and round numbers now show on the scoreboards of every Game World (so you can never lose track)
  • Added background to text area in Typing Derby so you can always read the text
  • Pressing enter when a confirmation prompt comes up (such as quitting the game) will accept the prompt automatically

Minigolf Changes

  • Improved Minigolf aimer appearance
  • Garden: Trees now fade out when the camera intersects so you can always see your minigolf balls
  • Treasure Cove: Added corner piece to Hole 16 to prevent golf balls from getting stuck after the ship wheel
  • Treasure Cove: Possible fix to prevent golf balls on Hole 17 from getting stuck around moving hole
  • Waterhole: Increased the boost speed on Hole 11
  • Altitude: Increased the boost speed on Hole 17

Misc Changes

  • Player flashlights are now networked to other players
  • You will now never go AFK while in waiting for players mode for Game Worlds

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed viewing self in Plaza rotating yourself for other players
  • Fixed sprinting animations not playing for other players
  • Fixed the “reconnecting you to lobby” HUD message only showing up for the hosts and none of the clients
  • Fixed a bug where the Quit game prompt could duplicate multiple times (wow, crazy!)
  • Fixed the Laser Bridge sound in Emission from ignoring overall sound settings
  • Fixed level 4 on Summit where the player was unintentionally killed
  • Reduced the speed of boost on the last level of GLXY to prevent cases of players moving too quickly past the end resulting in their death
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes you couldn’t click on slot machine buttons due to hats you are wearing
  • Virus: Fixed dead infected showing up on the radar
  • Virus: Fixed radar dot colors being wrong
  • Fixed Poker table not showing up while playing
  • Fixed a long standing bug where the game window had to be clicked to gain control after loading into Condo or Lobby

Known issues that will be addressed in a future patch

  • Bowling arrow does not show up
  • Slight hitching in Lobby, which we are diligently working on

Fine :slight_smile:
(And first)

Ayy, That looks pretty good. :neutral_face:

The Hype Train has reached it’s destination.
now to wait for the update to install

There’s no final destination, only stops along the way



The best update I ever seen. Amazing work Pixeltails. The DEUS VULT Update xD

This was a great start to my morning.


5.3 gigs tho
My body is ready

I’m already excited to download this update.

Prepare for the many bugs, like the mouse offset, cant close the game from the main menu because of this.

the what

Mouse offset, like trying to click on something, only to have to click any button a half inch lower for it to register it. Its everywhere, from the main menu, to graphic settings, to trying to join a game from the popup on the middle right.

Example, imagine you trying to click reply on the fourms, but actually have to aim a half-inch lower for it to show as hovering over it, and it being clickable. Since the button on the main menu is near the bottom of the screen, its impossible to click.

What window mode are you using? Windowed, borderless, full screen? What resolution are you running the game at?

Also, can you please report this to bug reports as well.


Hey everyone :stuck_out_tongue:

I was kinda disappointed with the new little crusaders game :sweat:

tbh i had no prior knowledge of what it was going to be like exactly, i was expecting some form of PvP game mode, or team combat game mode.

I then played my first game, to find out it that the whole game mode just turns out to be, push a button or stop a whole team of people from pushing a button. :disappointed_relieved:

However i really liked the new casino entrances, it makes it easier to load the inside of the casino :smiley: whilst stopping people blocking the entrances :+1:

I also love the addition of the Arial faith plates to the plaza :smiley: A simple but convenient way to travel around the plaza quickly !
( a nice nod to the portal franchise too )

All in all awesome work PixelTail keep it up! :revolving_hearts:

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