Little Crusaders Tutorial

In Little Crusaders. You play as a Crusader and you have to turn off the dragon! To do this, you must get behind the dragon and left click (By default) to turn him off.
As the Dragon, you need to kill all the crusaders. You can roar using right click (By default), scaring any crusaders nearby. While scared, crusaders cannot press the button.
As a dragon, If a crusader is right behind or climbs on your back, you can press r (by default) to do a tailwhip, knocking knights away from you.
As the dragon, if you keep jumping in midair, you will fly. Note: This will drain your sprint meter in the bottom left of the hud. If it runs out, you won’t be able to fly until it recharges.
If the Crusaders are having trouble taking down the dragon, fear not! Once a certain amount of time passes in a round, Birb the bird will spawn in!
As a Crusader, you can pick up birb using left click. If you throw him at the dragon, it will stun him, rendering unable to Sprint, fly, roar, or tail whip!
As a crusader, when birb spawns in, look around the map until you see a little blue icon on your screen, this tells you where birb is, and the dragon cannot see this icon.
As a dragon, if you want to be a monster, you can eat birb by biting him. Killing him, and he won’t come back until the next round.
As a dragon, you can also roar while birb is on the ground to scare him, where he will manifest balloons and fly away temporarily. If the Crusaders are getting too close to birb use this technique.
As a crusader, every time you slay the dragon, you’re rank will go up, It goes from Esquire (Pink) to Knight (Green) to Baron (Blue) and finally to Count (White)
The higher your rank, the longer you can sprint for.
Quick tip: As a crusader, your sprint meter will recharge faster if you’re crouching.