Little Crusaders: possible roar abuse fixes (polls included please input)

Roaring is a great weapon in the dragons arsenal intended to use as a great crowd control or a way to defend yourself against the birb.

The problem is most people don’t use it like that, a good chunk of the dragons i face just use it off cool down and just use it to guarantee killing the knights and makes last knight fights almost impossible which can be pretty frustrating and soils the experience of playing.

Honestly i know a good few people who don’t want to play the game because of this and could be a factor of why is pretty empty all the time.

Before people say “just stay out of the range.” it’s really hard when they run at you and roar making you basically helpless and chasing you down and the last knight fights. i have played countless hours of Ultimate Chimera Hunt and Little Crusaders so i know ways of trying to avoid but it is still very difficult.

Also the roar shouldn’t go through walls like in Ultimate Chimera Hunt.

Here are some solutions that can help:

Limit the roars
limiting it to like three or so will make them have to be more strategic with the roars instead of spam off cool down game play that feels so boring and pointless.

Roar cooldown based on knights alive
Since the roar is your only crowd control tool making it so you can roar normally but the less knights alive the slower the cool down.

Dragon earns its roars
Roars starts off at none or one and more can be earned based on kills or some other way so people can’t spam it similar to limited roars.

Knight get another ability
An ability like a roll or flip when scared so dragons can’t just run at you make you use up your sprint roar and kill you without effort or skill while your helpless.

Which change do you prefer?

  • Limit the roars
  • Roar cooldown based on knights alive
  • Dragon earns its roars
  • Knight get another ability
  • I have a different solution (post in comments)
  • I don’t think the roar spam problem needs fixin’

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How do you feel about the current state of Little Crusaders?

  • I LOVE IT!!!
  • I enjoy it but the abuse of constant roars makes me not want to play it.
  • I like it but there are other problems that make me not want to play. (post in comments)
  • I’m indifferent of Little Crusaders.
  • Little Crusaders is not the game for me but i think is a good concept.
  • I Hate this gamemode

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You made it through the wall! Feel free to discuss about what you think and why LC is an fairly abandoned gamemode.

Stay out of the roar’s range and rush in once the dragon goes for a kill…?


I just dislike some of the broken hitboxes, like when you can clearly click on the button, but can’t. Also when the dragon bites you from miles away.

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I think the game is perfectly playable if you use proper teamwork, though I do feel the odds are stacked against the dragon unless you’re good at it. I guess that sort of comes with the game mode though. I’m not sure why people don’t play as much though. I think it’s actually really fun, but I also think the community comes and go’s with each update, so that might be why not as many people are playing.


Proper teamwork definitely helps but in smaller games like 3 or 4 players which is around the amount i normally see players it becomes pretty difficult. I can occasionally hold myself against people who spam it but i have decent experience in the game so i wouldn’t expect people getting into the game or people who have played for a bit to really combat this especially if the dragon is an experienced player who cheaply relies on roaring for kills.

it weird that in a game of 3 it is hard to fight the dragon and in a game of 8 it gets pretty easy.