List of compatible items for Tower Unite?

I know it may be too early to ask this, but would it be possible to get a list of items from the dev’s that will be transferred to Tower Unite?

I believe they’ve said pretty much everything that wouldn’t be copyrighted.

Which leaves out almost every playermodel and some cosmetic items. I believe any props that could be bought are original designs, save for things like the iMac.

I heard on the stream they were going to bring back the iMac as a made-up brand, like the iPear or something.

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I hope so, since the iMac doesn’t work atm.

So it’s not just me. I’m glad. Why doesn’t it work?

iPear you say?

Still, I believe what they are going to do is remake a big hand of the items. I actually like how (from what we have seen) they are going for a modern-clean type of furniture. I would believe most of the common items will have some some kind of counterpart in Tower Unite.

I should train my 3D during the summer. I should probably try to make some custom furniture when modding launches. :stuck_out_tongue:

Unf, that modern furniture.

And it’s not like the PAYDAY 2 devs have a copyright on pears. I think iCarly and Victorious used Pear-brand devices to parody Apple.

We should be original. What’s your favorite fruit?

It’s because iPear sounds the most sensible. iGrape or iBanana sounds stupid.

Do you call your phone the iApple?

No, because Apple named it the iPhone.

I wasn’t meaning it like “payday copyrighted pears”. Just making a blunt reference.

Worst case scenario they could just call it the uPhone. :stuck_out_tongue:



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If I had the power to name it, I’d call it the iMatt

uTower :horse:

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iPineapple seems legit

Too many syllables.

That’s exactly why it seems legit

UPhone is a great idea. U in This case stands for Unite.
I would like to See a System like in GTA IV and V. Where You Can buy ringtones, designes etc in an appstore.

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