When the waves are too big for your ship and you fear this how your life will end, you spot a light in the middle and know it’s there where the safe haven from the storm is at.

The lighthouse too me quite some time, there is still some adjustments I need to add, but I think overall I’m done with the design. around 75.000 units was spend on this project :stuck_out_tongue:


I really like the projects you’ve been doing. It’s cool how you put your units and time into them, too. Good job.

If you can do this without construction blocks, I can’t wait to see what you can do with them.


I love it!
What objects are you using to construct these?

moden wooden tables, boxes, bookshelf (color able), and outdoor lights. The inside which isn’t shown here there are a staircase with a lot of outdoor lights and two large poles.

lovely <3

You make my art gallery look retarded

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Corgis never make something look retarded

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Holy shit. This looks awesome.
Someday I want to visit your condo.