Light Animations

So If you’ve ever looked at any of the fancy doors like the Club door or something you’ll notice the Neon Bars on the side of them Slowly change colour through a rainbow and the thing that I think would be cool is Light Animations. So basically you can create your own and save it (maybe) or use a preset which one of the presets could be Rainbow! Because I really like the rainbow colour and wish I could showcase it in my condo rather than just on a door.


That would actually be cool, but the devs should decide first. :slight_smile:

This is something I suggested for neon bars a couple of decades ago, and having this with the club door would be sick too! Or just allow us to have it one static color.

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The Club door (Item) for your condo has neon bars on the side that change colours slowly through a rainbow. I’m saying we could have animations plus this rainbow effect for all forms of light maybe?

Ohhh, wow, thats a great idea. Id love to see this, Id certainly use them. Maybe we could set gradients/the cycle of colours, as well!

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That sounds awesome!