"Life" gamemode


Hello devs.

This game need a heavy map for make rp servers, you only need to see how is working GTA V on twitch right now. Jobs, shops, vehicles…

Please will be cool.



I really don’t think the devs would add this but what do I know about game development.

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I don’t think that most prominent aspects of “life sim” games could be implemented into TU in a way that makes sense, as appealing as they might seem. Even if there’s some overlap, GTA and Tower Unite are different games that offer different experiences.






Very against this idea as it is absolutely not in the spirit of this game, would take an absurd amount of development time and effort, wouldn’t be very enjoyable and would most likely be no better than a DarkRP server. Even though those aren’t hard to beat. Just wait for Identity to come out.



yeah only a few decades, you’ll be playing identity in no time!

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Im pretty interested in it as a chill game but it’s looking like Star Citizen all over again.

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What A

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You can get access to the game for 30$, but the whole site is just promises. They’ve been working for it for about as long as TU, but all they’ve got is a small playable demo on about 2 blocks worth of a city. As much as I’d like to be optimistic, I’ve seen this go wrong in so many ways in the past.



500 real life dollars for a virtual ski resort



It makes me wonder how they even plan to do that. It says it’s “In Stock”, so there must be a limit, but if that’s above like 1 or 2 I don’t know how they could have a large amount of ski resorts in a virtual world, for both visual, optimizational, and game design-al reasons. It’s a messssss.



This game is not an RP game. Tower has been and will always will be a party MMO-ish game. This game isn’t like GTA, and I doubt it will ever have “life” or RP mods.

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Identity looks good, but also terrible. If a game has microtransactions that cost more than a car payment, before the game is even out? It’s a recipe for a terrible game.