Let's talk genuineness and condos. (rant/suggestion)

Alright. It’s literally 20 minutes past midnight here, but I can’t go to sleep before I finish this thread.
There is a thing that’s been bugging me. It’s the genuiness system.
For those who don’t know, every item you get outside of ranked servers (be it from the workshop, or “everything’s free” servers) is usable in your condo. The only difference between “ranked” and “unranked” item is it’s “genuiness”- basically, non-ranked items lower your condo’s “genuine” percent.
What does the genuine percent do?
This system has a major design flaw.

There’s no reason to buy anything from the furniture store. You can go to any “everything’s free” server, and get the items for free.

“But vtipoman!”, I hear you say. “It will lower your genuiness percent!”
Let’s face it.
Who the f*ck cares about the genuiness percent?
Seriously. This system won’t work. No one is going to spend units on furniture.

I’ll finish this thread with a suggestion:
Make condos either ranked or unranked.

Ranked condos:
a) Contain only ranked items
b) Can be accesed from any ranked server or the game’s UI

Unranked condos:
a) Can contain items earned from the tied unranked server (1 condo per unranked server)
b) Can only be accesed from the server they are tied to
c) Can contain stuff downloaded from workshop <— server admins should be able to decide this for themselves. They also can add workshop items to the server’s stores, making said items purchasable and usable even if this option is disabled.

Also, let people “link” servers and create their own networks. These networks would share the same item/condo database.

Thanks for reading, and good night.
Also there will be many gramar errors, sorry. Can’t really think at 0:40 in the morning.

EDIT: Even if you won’t be able to bring stuff from non-ranked servers to your condo, said items can be easily re-created and put into the workshop. It won’t fix the problem


Your suggestion doesn’t really work because Condos aren’t hosted on a particular server.

When a Condo Host creates their “door” and joins their Condo, they themselves are hosting it. When you enter someone’s condo, you are connecting to the host.

The condo is simply connected to the lobby via links. When you leave the condo, you are brought back into the Lobby from which you came from. This also is linked so that you can see that previous lobby’s chat.

So what this means is, the reason I wrote this, is only the condo owner can control their condo. It isn’t tied to a server, administrators can’t set rules for a particular person’s condo.

This is why I’m suggesting the change in the first place.
Condos will still be hosted by you, but you’ll have one ranked condo, that will be used when joining from ranked servers/ UI and an unlimited number of non-ranked condos, one for each non-ranked server you play on

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I agree. There must be some motivation to play on Ranked servers.

I really have to go sleep now.
Already 1 AM lol.

‘Cause if I put a ton of work into making a genuine condo 100% and I make something really freakin’ cool out of bookcases and building blocks and hula dolls, I want people to know that I worked hard for every single box in that awesome box fort.

Conversely, you don’t want people just flocking to free servers because you can get everything for free and absolutely nobody knows otherwise.

Think about if The Sims went online. If they allowed people to just type “motherlode” in the console all day nobody would have any incentive to actually play the game, they’d just sit there and build bigger houses literally all the time.

The genuine meter more or less proves people’s work they put in to their condo. It’s the difference between claiming to run a marathon and having the gold medal for it.


Well, one thing is for sure: at the current moment and for early access release, we will only have ranked items.


Ok, this might be a personal thing, but I couldn’t care less if someone worked for his/her items or got them for free.
I’d actually feel sorry for anyone who wasted his units on otherwise free furniture, just because it has a shiny “genuine” sticker.
Again, that’s only my opinion… :wink:

Clearly, if someone would tell me what’s the genuine is, i would be thanksful! :wink:

Well the thing genuine solves is that people who do care have a way of knowing. You can’t force people who don’t care to care though.

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If you get an item from a ranked server, it’s marked genuine.
Like, if you inspect it, you can see it’s been obtained on ranked server
Also you can check the “genuiness” percent, to see how many genuine items are in a condo

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