Let's play a forum game!

This will be a story-building game. Anybody can continue the story using only one sentence per post. :smile:
First sentence…
"Once upon a time, there was a resort known as the Tower."

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"The Tower is a big building that everyone loves."

"But nobody seems to know what is inside the Tower."

"When suddenly a mysterious train arrived at the train station."

"A mysterious man covered in a thick, black coat got off the train"

He headed towards the station’s Exit, when suddenly…

“He tripped over a piece of concrete.”

He fell in front of…

"A couple of drunk guys, who stared at him"

"The first man vomited on the ground whilst making the strangest noise"

The second man laughed at the first man who vomited

“The man took a selfie of the two drunk men with him and posted it on Twitter.”

"Another man was witnessing what was happening and was thinking what this world has come to"

"But suddenly, the first man remembered he had business to attend to"

"and promptly vanished from existance" (F1rstM4n disconnected)

His friend, Luna - The queen of the Moon - (…)

will not be appearing in this story (unfortunately).

But Zak Will appear in the first…

floor of the arcade, ready to give visitors a tour.

However a crowd of people are surrounding someone, someone clearly important