Let's get PixelTail Games to reopen Gmod tower!

Next time someone puts up a “Bring Back GMT” post, I am not going to be happy.

It is life. Deal with it, just because it is EA does not mean you want Gmt back. As @Caboose700 said, “Gmod Tower will not be returning”
So just move on and enjoy Tower Unite.


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One of these threads inevitably pops up every few days or so. GMT isn’t coming back.

In a few months, Tower Unite will have it’s 1st birthday. In other words, GMT will have been shut down for a year. However after 12 months, there are still people hopping on the “GMT WAS BETTER” bandwagon. I mean, give it up. Pixeltail cant just go “Fuck it” and bring back GMT, that’s idiotic. As @Matt said, Tower Unite has had over 17,000 players, and going back is a huge step in the wrong direction that could drive PixelTail outta business. We are going in a new direction, and there is no turning back. The only direction is forward…

TL:DR - It’s been almost a year, give it up. TU is here to stay and GMT should just be a faint lovely memory


I love that idea, yo bring me into the angry mob too :3 or I could just add myself some day.



Can’t you see that keeping GMT up wasn’t ANY good for Pixeltail?
Keeping a server up is NOT easy and it costs money.

We all miss GMT, but TU was the only good option for them, and it is MUCH better than GMT (in my opinio). It has beautiful graphix, it plays better, and it’s constantly getting new content. (which it’s 10x harded to do in the source engine)
The only thing I really miss from gmt was the dozens of people laughing and chatting in the lobby, or 10 people waiting for a gamemode to end so they could join while doing emotes and etc.

But that doesn’t change the fact that TU was the best thing they could’ve done.

(Also sorry I didn’t see this post was 3 days old)