Let's discuss the next summer sale!

I just decided to start a topic about discussing the incoming summer sale, because why not?
So, what will you (maybe) buy this summer sale/what games are you interested in? And especially, how many mysterious cards do you already have, or have you already got the whole set?
The Mysterious Cards are to 91% likely to simply turn into this summer sale related trading cards, so not much discussion is required on them really.

I already got the whole set (it is not craftable yet, though), and got this as well:

And a ton of duplicate cards. Took me a plenty of badges to actually get the whole set.

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I thought the Mysterious Cards just gave you random backgrounds/badges/emoticons from the games on Steam that have trading cards?

Anyway, I’m really hoping to get Far Cry 4 on discount. I’ve been itching to play it, but I can’t justify spending more than like 45 bucks on video games anymore.

Usually I spend $50 every year, but I’m considering putting in $100 so I can get some more co-op/competitive games for my friends and I.

I didn’t like Far Cry 4 near as much as I did 3. It just feels like the same game, but with a more muted color palette.

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Anyone know any awesome Rift-compatible games? I wanna pick up a ton on sale, 'cause my rift is coming in on wednesday and I don’t wanna be stuck to like two games.

Personally, I’ll get anything that is 75% off or more, except horror games. I also want to get Next Car Game, Besiege and This War of Mine.

Alright guys, the time has come for our poor wallets to die :cry:

Elite: Dangerous is a must if you like space games

Not again… I don’t want to eat fish bones anymore!

Alright guys, the summer sale is over, so which games have you bought during that? How far did you get your summer sale badge up, and what level did you reach in the monster game?

I have bought Trackmania 2 Canyon, Trackmania United, Cities Skylines and Reflex. My summer sale badge is level 4, and my highest monster game level was 307800. So, what about you guys?

I bought NOTHING. I’m proud of myself :’) Now I can save that money for the Indiegogo campaign! (and some TF2 keys)

And my highest level was 152K. One of my friends got to 20M :0

Still can’t understand whether getting into a million-level room was just luck or there was an actual way to do it yourself :expressionless:

No idea. I wonder that myself, but nobody gives me a proper answer. Was there actually some kind of metagame?

Yes, I think there was a metagaming twitch channel called wchill (the guy who released this “strategy” browser script for the monster game). Just after a complete reset, he would send everybody to one room to do the strategy, getting to the 100M badge. (There’s a way to manually join rooms by running JoinGame(num) in your browser’s developer tools)

Impressive. I wouldn’t have imagined there was such a thing. I didn’t search for it, though, as the badge seemed to give you 200XP, no matter what level you reached