Let wearable watches add an optional 24 hour or 12 hour clock to the player's UI

I just think it’d be neat if wearing a wrist watch, pumpkin clock, clock necklace, ect, giving an option to show the user’s client side time on their screen.
I think for players who only have 1 monitor, it would be a nice, small quality of life upgrade, so they won’t have to Shift Tab or Alt Tab to check the time.

Maybe not necessarily having to wear it either, maybe just owning a clock item unlocks the UI option, with a pop-up notification making them aware once they purchase their first time-telling item.

Or who knows, even a specific pocket watch item that you equip in your hot bar, and have to pull out to check the time with a little animation of flipping it open, or holding your wrist to your face, kinda like in Dead Rising.

I really think people would enjoy this, and it may even help some players keep track of time as they lose themselves in Tower Unite.