Less shiny wood

In my opinion the wood building blocks seem a little too shiny like its wet.

Would like to be able to change how shiny it is or just not have it shiny at all, personal opinion though.


yeah, it looks a bit plastic-y, this is the same for the playermodels but these already get changed in the update

I believe quite many models suffer from this shine effect.

You could say the wood is varnished, that’s why it’s shiny :smiley:


Wood by default is not shiny, but when you polish it, it can be very shiny. So I see nothing wrong with shiny wood really.


These are building blocks.
If it was furniture maybe I can see why they would be more shiny.

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Very VERY shiny

The building blocks should look more like this:


Such blocks tend to be edited in their looks after they were used in building. I can’t remember the last time someone used wooden blocks like these to build a wall or a ceiling and not change the look, like putting wallpaper on it or polishing it or anything.