Leaving Tower Unite due to lag issues

Hey guys. I’m sorry to say that I have to stop playing Tower Unite because of the severe lag issues.

I walk through the DIY shop causing the game to lag itself, even for Art Studio.

I used King K. Rool as my favourite Nintendo crush & player model, so I can buy 100 bananas, and other stuff to build my condo for inspiring King K. Rool’s lair.

But since the lag keeps coming and coming, I have to stop playing this game because of this. Both DirectX 11 and DirectX 10 (slower computer).

That’s been a great run for you guys. Don’t reply to me because I won’t come back.

All Hail to the King of the Kremlings.


ok then


Damn, hope you will come back some day!

There’s going to be future optimizations, so like, it seems unnecessary to fully leave! Maybe try playing again some time down the line though.

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the games still in early access… but if you feel the need to leave then see u around!

whats your pc specs? maybe tinker with your game settings a bit or if your hardware is old get a new gpu or cpu.

Windows 10 Professional
GeForce GTX 960
AMD FX™-8320 Eight-Core Processor
8 Go of RAM
64 bits, x64 Processor

i got the same gpu, its old but it gets the job done
try lowering your lighting to medium or low
im not familiar with older amd cpus, maybe its because your cpu is old since TU is cpu heavy, get a ryzen or an intel cpu

Sounds silly but have you tried muting your ingame audio entirely?

Might be the same issue as I and other players experienced where sound cueues caused choking and lag.

try turning off workshop models every time i enter the plaza or first join a gamemode the game stutters while loading the workshop player models

Yeah, those specs are better than mine, and the game runs well enough for me. What are your graphics settings at right now?