LeafyIsHere Hacked

https://www.youtube.com/user/LeafyIsHere was hacked by poodlecorp
someone needs to stop poodlecorp
he hacked my dad

Honestly, I hate Poodlecorp. They are attacking innocent Youtubers and ddosing game servers with no reason for being attacked, when there are people like Keemstar out there who are getting off scott free! What the hell! Like if you’re attacking people to show how flawed Youtubes security is, atleast hack asshats like him!

Also i am very sorry for the loss of your dad to Poodlecorp.

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They have been hacking many big Youtubers recently, such as WatchMojo and Boogie2988.

(what are the hackers doing to the channels? I’m getting worried that some of the youtubers I watch will be hacked.)

Most of the time, they change all of the Youtuber’s videos’ titles to “HACKED BY POODLECORP”.
They also have hacked into Youtubers’ Twitter accounts, and then tweet braging about how they were about to hack into their accounts and such.

So, just the titles and twitter?

Yeah, I’m pretty sure (Maybe the descriptions, too. I’m not to sure.)
But, you have to think about it, many Youtubers have thousands of videos. It would suck if you had to go back and give every single one of your videos a new title (and description.)

I forgot to mention.
Scarce, a Youtuber news reporter (Kinda like Drama Alert, but way more better and useful), has been updating everyone on the activity of Poodlecorp for a while now. I suggest checking him out.

speaking of asshole hackers, does anyone know about the time that some teenager hacked Vinesauce Joel’s account to just say “lol look at how cool i am”

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No, I don’t remember that.
but i wish i did

Well, it was so bad Youtube had to literally replace his account - they transferred all the videos, subscribers, and such to the new one but the old one (now just a husk) is still here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCOIqrNEgzSkQZSbO1ojzG-A/videos

(btw the channel normal (also the replacement) is here:)

Towel :rage:

Reminds me of how people were confused and worried in Joel’s twitch chat. And all the moderators did was to tell people to shut up (spoilers: that only made things worse).

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Leafy is a mouth breathing moron.


The whole idea behind telling people to shut up is to stop giving the hackers attention, which is what they want.

I understand that, but going with that approach made it even worse since a lot of people had no idea what was going on, which resulted in more curiosity and questions asked.

Leafy deserves it tbh (good god, if I only wasn’t so stupid not to think about making beer money by inventing THE MOST CLICKBAIT TITLES IN THE WHOLE WORLD and insulting others for no reason at all), that doesn’t mean those dog guys aren’t sad as hell.

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