Launch Problem with Ball Race Demo

Keep getting this annoying error even though I definately have it installed.

Any suggestions on how to fix? I really want to try this out >:c

Maybe installing Microsoft Visual C++ 2010?

Goto [this website][1] and scroll down to the bottom, and click the download button corresponding to the type of your system (32bit/64bit)

Don’t know what type of system you have?

  • Goto control panel
  • Systeam and security
  • System

There is should say ‘system type’, then 64bit or 32bit

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thankyou <3 … none of the other packages fixed anything.

@Snowi Yeah, that’s because you needed the 2013 redistributable, not 2010, and you needed the normal one, not the visual studio one. Glad I helped :slight_smile:

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