Latest update, FPS issues anyone?

Soo before the private theater and laser tag update, the FPS was fine and dandy, and I have quite a lot in my condo, a lot of canvas workshop items, and etc, however, now after this update, everything is having very slow framerate issues, and ive NEVER had this before, and I run a very powerful PC…sooo whats going on devs?

Disable Placeable Light Shadows (a new dynamic shadow setting)


I’m pretty sure that’s disabled by default, and also only effects condos when enabled

It was on by default for me and all of my friends that’re in my condo right now.

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oh, I did not know that

And every light comes with it automatically enabled


Why? lol

Because the amount of shadows will drastically reduce your framerate. It’s a separate setting from regular shadows that enables each placeable light to display dynamic shadows

i tried it out, and it seems to work fine! thank you :slight_smile: