Laser Tag Balance

We need to Balance the laser tag, I joined too many 3v2 games where the other team did not have any chance, my suggestion is the following every team should have the same number of lifes.
For example:
3 Blue X 2 Red
In total the blue team has 9 lifes, each player having 3
In total the red team has only 6 lifes, each player having 3 too

What i want to change
Give the red team more lifes, select randomly one player of the red team to have 5 lifes while the other one has 4, this would bring the total of lifes to 9

Now each team has 9 lifes, its fair, of course the other team can easily find you and kill you with more people but you have more chances to kill them.
This could work for 1x2 or even others formats.

What do you guys think?

could be cool to add as a change in one of the updates!, but one time i was up vs 2 and i had 2 health and won lol xd