Larger Range of Media Graphical Config Options

Here’s my suggestion.

To have a greater range for certain settings such as the brightness of certain media being opened up more (instead of just 0-1), as well as per-media global resolution/effect changes (and possibly filters). More options to mess around with screens and images.

Reason why I want this to happen.
I was working on a giant media screen to set up as a movie theater using about 60 canvases, until I ran into this issue. During first testing, I was forced to place the projector close to the screen to be able to even see it. Although moving it closer has made it easier to see, it bugs me that the projector is just floating in the air in front of the projector screen. I have the brightness of the projector set to its maximum. It would be much better to have a less restricted brightness setting so I can move it to the back of the building and have a room for it so people without jetpacks can click on it and turn it on (also, of course, so it isn’t floating in the air).

It would also just be kinda nice and convenient to have more visual control over the media in your condos.


I actually just set up around 60 blank white canvases in the shape of a wide screen and projected it onto there.

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Not that I know of, but it’s been suggested before.

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