Label the chairs in furniture stores that you are able to sit on

This seems very important when picking out a couch to sit on and watch tv only to later realize that u must crouch on it and rp that you are sitting.

Would be a great addition, thank you.

EDIT: Also would be great to write how many people can sit on the chair, got fooled by the victorian one thinking it was double.


I’m sure all chairs will be sitonable (best constructed word ever) sometime in the future, what would be the point of chairs then?


unlike the wicker chairs


With that mindset, they should not write “unfinished” on items because sometime in the future it will be finished anyway.

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Then shouldn’t they have the unfinished tag?

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Uh, wait shit I think I misunderstood the entire point of this thread.
I thought this thread was about making it so you can sit on all chairs?
I think you can already do that anyway.

Are there chairs you can’t sit on?
Every chair I bought for my condo, I could sit.

We’re talking about the segmented only I think. :wink:

i also assumed the footrest was something u could sit on, either way i would find it useful so i would know what not to buy

Oh you and your wicker chairs

…maybe it isn’t the chairs…
…it’s us…